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Welcome to DJ Yoshi dot Com

Welcome everyone to the new!

First, thank you for stopping by. Each day we’ll be updating you on the latest trends in fashion, music, technology, entertainment, restaurants, politics & more! But before we start giving you migraines from sensory overload, take a look around the site and tell us your thoughts!
Under news, every Monday we’ll be posting tracks for your pleasure that are future hits! News is also where posts for where to eat, what venues to hit, shows to watch, how to get discounts from my corporate sponsors & partners & just random thoughts that my team & I think would be entertaining!
It’s also the section that we’ll post pictures from events that I’m involved with!
I’ll also be hosting the “Photo of the Month” contest in which you the fans can submit your pictures that you take from events that you see me at! If your picture gets chosen, you win a GIFT CARD valued up to $50!
Visit the music section to download or stream mixes that I’ve done! Each & every Friday of the month we’ll be presenting
The First Friday Mix!… but here’s the thing, YOU THE FANS can determine what music genre and songs you’d like to hear in that month’s particular mix!
Pictures is where we’ll be putting up pictures from my nights out working, events that I play at or behind the scenes shots w/ celebs, producers, artists…. and just life in general!
Under the videos section we have a team that will be working around the clock to capture and post videos from events that I’m involved with! I also might be tempted to post videos from everyday life & encounters around the world.
Under the Press section you can take a look at pre-approved press photos, view/download the media kit & one sheet, and view excerpts from magazines & shots of TV shows that I’m featured in!

When it comes down to it, this site is here to entertain you… the people that have supported me for nearly 2 decades! We’re open to suggestions on how to improve upon the web site. With that said, “flash” is minimal on this site so that you can view it on almost every platform out there (mobile & desktop).

Again, thank you for your never-ending support. Keep checking back to see what’s new…

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