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The Future of BlackBerry & Smart Phones?

Everyone that knows me will tell you that I’m a BlackBerry enthusiast to the fullest. I don’t use a ton of apps. I use my phone primarily to talk, text, BBM & email. I do keep an ipad with me for on the go browsing if it’s something that I really need to pull up, but I rely on the support and dependability of BlackBerry. With the launch of BlackBerry QNX: a new line and operating system that will allow BB users to utilize Droid apps on their Blackberry Smart Phones (which the next line will boast 1.2 ghz dual core cpu with a TON of system memory), people are trying to anticipate what’s to come of the smart phone.
Agreed, that this is a little far off from being the next lineup, but there are programs out there that, with the swipe of your phone over a reader, can pay for your plane, train & parking… Check it out and let us know what you think

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