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Eventbrite Changes the Game: Turn Your iPad into a Ticket Terminal at the Door!

A Promoter’s Gift or Curse?

– via engadget –
Square may see the iPad to as an excellent retail tool, but Eventbrite thinks Apple’s tablet a box office boon, which is why it created the At The Door app and card reader solution. Eventbrite’s a self-service ticketing platform and its new dongle, which connects via Apple’s 30-pin connector, lets indie event promoters take reader-encrypted credit card payments with any iPad. Meanwhile, the app lets you see on-site and online ticket sales, keep track of customer contact info and balance the books as well. Plus, any payments taken through the app are service fee-free, meaning users only pay for credit card processing. Not only that, you can wirelessly print tickets and receipts via a compatible printer (should you be willing to buy one), too. But before you go planning your personal Woodstock, perhaps you’d like to know how much this ticketing bonanza costs? Well, the app’s free and the reader’s 10 bucks, with Eventbrite handing out 10 dollar account credits in return for those who jump on the bandwagon. If that sounds like something your into, hit the PR after the break for more info or pick one up from the source below.

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