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(video) Kato Kaelin Says OJ is a Murderer

Bombs over Brentwood

– Via Huff Post –
UPDATE: Kato Kaelin told TMZ that he never told New York Post reporter Cindy Adams that O.J. Simpson definitely killed his wife. Kato said he has expressed his opinion before, and that he thinks Simpson did it, but that “I have no first hand knowledge.”

Now he tells us.

The freeloading houseguest who became a minor celebrity for his meandering testimony at the O.J. Simpson murder trial now feels safe saying he thinks Simpson killed his ex-wife and her friend.

“The statute of limitations has now passed . . . so I can now say . . . yes, he did it,” golden-haired Kato Kaelin admits to gossip columnist Cindy Adams.

It’s been more than 18 years since Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman’s murdered bodies were found in Los Angeles.

Prosecutors called on Kaelin, now 53, during the trial as a witness who could detail Simpson’s movements on the night of the June 1994 killings. But during four days on the stand, the struggling actor provided an inconsistent version of events. Prosecutor Marcia Clark would ask that he be declared a hostile witness, because he wasn’t forthcoming under questioning.

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