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DJ Yoshi at the NY 40,000 B.C. Obstacle Course Run + BBQ Event

40,000 B.C. 10k Obstacle Run & BBQ Celebration

logoSaturday & Sunday March 23 & 24
Tuxedo Ridge Ski Resort – > Tuxedo NY
(minutes from Woodbury Commons
Music By

DJ Yoshi

To Qualify For the Discount & Register, visit TrackMeat10k(dot)com
Utilize Promo Code “DJYoshi!” ->must be entered with exclamation mark/

AboutThe Hunt

Track Meat 10K is a heart pumping, hackles raising 7-10km — actual distance depends on you and luck — obstacle course set in 40,000 BC. Less of a race and more of a HUNT, each participant is either a human hunter or animal prey. Whichever form you take, you’re running, dodging, climbing, crawling and clawing your way to survival. Success as a hunter means bringing fresh meat back to the cave. Success as an animal means NOT BEING that meat. Succeed or “die”.

How It Works

Animals start out with 3 flag-football flags, indicating health and get a ~2 minute head start on the hunters. Should they get to the end with at least one flag, they’ve won, living to fight another day. Along the way, they’ll find sanctuary in “Rabbit Holes” or safe zones to which hunters can’t pursue. They may also encounter Mother Nature, a fairy god-mother of sorts who can pass out extra-life to the sick and wounded.

Hunters take-off ~2 minutes after the Animals. Upon catching up with an Animal, they may attack by grabbing a flag. In order to sustain themselves and their clan, Hunters must return to the cave with a minimum of 5 flags. Near the end of the course, Hunters may encounter Animal Predators that may attempt to tag them, thus taking a flag.

Participants Receive

Suh-weet Track Meat T-shirt to show off to all your non-hunt participating friends (We call them Paleolithic 47%ers)
Track Meat 10K racing bib
Get your learn on with exhibits on hunting, sustainable & responsible farming, butchering, and knife skills
Camaraderie of thousands of really really goood-looking, like-minded primal hooah, health-minded, animal and environment-loving maniacs

Winners Recieve

A talisman bestowing the title Clan Mother/Chief for successful hunters and Big Poppa Buck/Queen Doe for surviving animals
FREE pig roast, grass-fed beef on a spit, beer (we call it magic feel-good water)
Potential for complete obedience and MAD RespeKK from your dog and cat as you finally prove yourself worthy of being pack leader

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