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(Interview) DJ Yoshi Sits Down With Adult Film Star Nikki Benz

Porn’s Persistent Princess

nikki 1It’s no secret that the adult film world has helped to shape the lives of billions!
According to Forbes Magazine The adult world is estimated to drive 2.6 – 3.9 BILLION in yearly sales.

Break It Down Like This

Adult Video: $500 million to $1.8 billion
Internet: $1 billion
Pay-Per-View: $128 million
Magazines: $1 billion
Total: $2.6 billion to $3.9 billion

For those that don’t know, we can thank the adult industry for giving the world standards.
Although Betamax offered a higher quality of film, the VHS tape was made standard in the porn world. Moving along, Blu-Ray became the standard over HD-DVD due to films being released in that format.

29633_4888988777834_717672866_nEven your favorite actors & actresses have tactfully released their home-made editions for press.
No one really knew who Kim Kardashian was until that scandal of her sex tape with Ray-J.
Millions flocked to google to find the Paris Hilton video.
When it comes down to it, many adult starlets have come & gone. But superstars have been born due to the porn world.
Jenna Jamison has become a household name. Female rappers have made references to Mandingo.
Since 2003, one name rings constant in adult film and tours… Nikki Benz.

The 31 year old Ukrainian video vixen took on the adult industry by storm, and she hasn’t slowed down. In fact, she utilizes her popularity and momentum to accomplish other personal goals…
But, I’ll let her tell you all about that.

20 Questions With Nikki Benz

nikki_benzDJ Yoshi: I’ve read that you were the one that actually contacted an adult film director to get your start. Why were you so interested in “porn” to begin with?
Nikki:That is true! I did seek out an adult film director myself and I was the one that 100% consciously got myself into adult films. At that time I was 20, stripping at a local Toronto strip club to save up money for college since my mom was a single parent working 2 jobs supporting two kids. My then boyfriend was a huge Jenna Jameson fan. The two of us were little freaks in bed so when he introduced me to Jenna, I fell in lust with her. I looked her up on and found a lot of useful information. I thought to myself “She’s gorgeous, smart, and she’s made a career for herself by being a sex symbol”. Here I was stripping in Toronto to save up money, but I was also getting bored of it all. Going to the same club, seeing the same people over and over again. So I did a little bit more research. I found out that if I can do adult movies I can get magazine work (which at that time was more appealing) and I could feature dance which I still do and love! I realized that if I became an international sex symbol I’d bank and I’d finally get that freedom I always wanted. Freedom to be my own boss, freedom to travel and see the world. Once I set that goal in my head, I went after it – hard.

DJ Yoshi: Why did you decide to contact the director that you did to break in?
Nikki: To be honest his name was the first one that popped up. I typed in “adult film directors” on and bam his name popped up. I took a chance. I emailed him my bikini modeling pics and he immediately responded.

Nikki PenthouseDJ Yoshi: What is your most proud moment being an adult actress?
Nikki: I’m proud of my career. I work hard and I do mean hard. Being an adult film actress is more than just waking up at 6:00 am and showing up to set for my 8:00 am or 9:00 am call time. I travel for work constantly. Sometimes going from the club where I was just appearing to the airport with no sleep, being on set long hours, back to back media days, what ever it may be I definitely can say I put in 120%. I consider myself as an entertainer. I use my popularity of being an adult film star to achieve other things like being a successful feature dancer, a website owner, becoming a Penthouse Pet which brings me to your initial question. My proudest moment is becoming Penthouse Pet of The Year. There are a lot of porn stars out there, but there can only be one Pet of The Year. I also paved the way of being a hard core actress who became Pet of The Year. In the past, Penthouse would never consider giving that title to a hardcore film actress. I’m proud to say I was the first one!

DJ Yoshi: What is your least proud moment being an adult actress?
Nikki: Least proudest moment… don’t have one.

nikki11lr-watermarkedDJ Yoshi: Does your profession lessen the impact that sex has on your personal relationships? If you have a boyfriend or fiance, how does he feel about what you do? Are there insecurities that anyone that you’ve dated in the past or present may have with you being in adult film industry.
Nikki: Having sex on film is different than having sex at home. Sex at home is so passionate. The feeling I get from sex at work differs from the sex at home because it’s not the same emotions. Sex with my boyfriend (when I have one) is emotionally charged. I enjoy the sex at work too, but it’s not the same. It’s sex without emotion aka empty. No matter how much I enjoy sex, work sex is just that…work. The way I care for my boyfriend is not how I care for my co-star.

I am currently single and I intend to keep it this way for the next little bit. I’m just really concentrating on work and making myself more financially secure. I have always had a boyfriend and I find that they get in the way at times. I nearly quit everything and moved to Nashville for my last one, but I smartened up. LOL
Of course there are insecurities with the men I date. I’m sure it’s tough knowing that the one you love everyone jerks off to. And I’m sure it’s even harder when they know I’m on set, even though it is just work.

_JAN2011_nikki_benz_oneDJ Yoshi: What is your favorite position or thing to do on camera?
Nikki: I love all of the positions! On camera I think doggy style looks really good and it feels amazing. My personal favorite position which makes me cum every single time is “froggy style”. It’s like doggy, only I would lay down flat on my stomach and have the guys straddle me. Damn!

DJ Yoshi: What is your least favorite position or thing to do on camera?
Nikki: How can I have a least favorite position? Haha actually I do. Pile driver….my 34DD’s and pile driver don’t get along. If you don’t know what a pile driver is look it up then imagine me doing it with my titties!

DJ Yoshi: Do you find it harder to cum off camera with all the sex that you have on camera?
Nikki: Off camera my orgasms are beyond anything I will achieve on camera. At home sex is way better resulting in more intense and crippling orgasms!

photoDJ Yoshi: What turns you on? What turns you off?
Nikki: Good hygiene, sense of humor and humility turns me on sprinkled with confidence. What turns me off would have to be egotistical or arrogant attitude. Any guy that treats others poorly is a turn off! And if you have no sense of humor then we just won’t get along.

DJ Yoshi: What separates you from other adult film stars?
Nikki: Good question? I’ll leave that one to the fans.

DJ Yoshi: How do you deal knowing that there are millions of guys out there that a. find you attractive, b. just want you for sex, c. don’t care to know you as a person and only see your body and what you’ve done on film
Nikki: I deal with it very well. It’s part of being a sex symbol. Those that know me on a personal level truly care about me as a human being. They see beyond all of that sex symbol stuff. Underneath it all I am a human being with a very interesting job. I make a lot of men and women happy.

DJ Yoshi: How did you get into your cameo appearances with Fox Sports?
Nikki: Producers on Fox Sports were looking for a well known adult actress and boom my name came up. They contacted me and the rest is history! It was a fun 3 years of being part of the Cubed cast. Truly a great experience. Something I’ll cherish for ever.

DJ Yoshi: After you’re finished with the adult scene as an actress, are you looking to make that a full time career whether it be production, casting, management, etc? Do you aspire to do anything else in the future?
Nikki: You know 5 years ago if you were to ask me this same question I would say “Yes, I want to produce and direct”. I’ve produced for my website, I’ve directed a few things here and there but now that I have that under my belt I want to expand outside of adult industry. Yes of course I aspire to do more in the future, not just in the adult but in the mainstream world as well. Perhaps even music.

-3303-01-lgDJ Yoshi: If you could give the single biggest piece of advice to those looking to get into adult films, what would it be?
Nikki: Have fun, save your money and remember it’s a business. Treat it as such. If you’re in it to make a quick buck look else where because porn is forever. My friend Lisa Ann once said “Doing porn is like getting a tattoo on your face. Everyone will always know”. I agree with that statement 100%. So with that being said, be smart about your decisions and intentions of getting into porn. I got into it wanting to become the biggest name to ever come out of Canada. Boom!

DJ Yoshi: What projects do you have coming up? Tours? Autograph Sessions? anything?
Nikki: I’m always on the go! Lot’s going on. Best place to find dates for my upcoming feature dancing, appearances and so forth would be on and as I always post all the info on there. Keep an eye out for Michael Bay’s “Pain & Gain” starring Mark Whalberg and The Rock. I was flown out by Paramount Pictures to Miami to film something for the movie. It is slated to come out in April of this year.

DJ Yoshi: Being considered one of the sexiest women alive, how does that make you feel?
Nikki: It makes me feel good! It’s flattering.

545242_4785236784099_1215680740_nDJ Yoshi: What do you like to do on a day when you’re not on location, working on a project or filming?
Nikki: Ummm I’m always doing something. I rarely have days off. If it’s not work related, it’s home related. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Can’t hold me down attitude ya know.

DJ Yoshi: Do you consider yourself a Romantic or a Realist and why?
Nikki: I consider myself a realist. Been through too much bullshit to feel otherwise. I feel like I had enough experience to be a realist. Nothing wrong with that.

DJ Yoshi: Is there anything else that you’d like your fans to know about you?
Nikki: I want my fans a.k.a. Benz Mafia to know that I love them! I appreciate my devoted fan base. I feel lucky to have you!

Follow Nikki on Twitter: @NikkiBenz
Visit Nikki’s Web Site:


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