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Apple iPhone 6 Concept Image: jacking blackberry?

Apple Jacks BlackBerry Concept?

iPhone 6A new concept image of the upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S showed without its iconic home button.
This concept is from the collaboration between’s Steve Hemerstoffer and designer Martin Hajek that delivers an intriguing look at what a future iPhone might look like.

One design element that has defined the iPhone is its home button, but this component has been criticized by some for taking up too much space at the bottom of the handset and preventing Apple from using a larger screen on the smartphone to compete with the large-screened competition from Android handsets.

There have been some proposed alternatives to the front-positioned home button in some fan designs, including shifting it to the sides of the handset. However, the new fan concept takes a different approach by using technology similar to a trackpad on the front side of the phone. Instead of clicking a home button, a user would simply click on the entire screen, MacBook-style

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