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Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder

Hernandez Charged With Murder

165947-330-0Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been charged with murder, a judge announced on Wednesday.

From the Massachusetts State Police on Twitter: “Hernandez charged with Murder, Unlawful possession of a firearm, Possession of a large capacity firearm. Invest ongoing. No further updates.”

Additional details from the court room through Victoria Warren of 7NEWS on Twitter:

“DA says Lloyd was shot multiple times, in groin, arm, side, chest and back. DA says appears semi automatic weapon used. DA says Hernandez and Lloyd spoke in hours before murder. DA: key found in victims pocket was to a car rented by Hernandez. DA: Aaron Hernandez home has 14 cameras. Footage missing from hours after murder #7news.”

“DA: shell casings recovered from scene at Lloyd’s feet. Lloyd shot and killed in industrial park”

The district attorney also shared final text messages from Lloyd to a family member: “Did you see who I’m with?” … “NFL” … “Just so you know”

The district attorney also said in court that Hernandez was seen on home surveillance carrying a gun in hand.

More details from the Boston Globe’s Wesley Lowery: “Prosecutor: #Hernandez mad that Lloyd talked to people he didn’t like on previous Friday night at Club Rumor.”

Prosecutor also tells the court that shell casings were found in a rental car when Aaron Hernandez returned it, according to Ted Daniel of FOX 25.

Hours before homicide, defendant was seen holding firearm and saying you “can’t trust anyone anymore.”

The prosecution asks for no bail.

Defense attorney calls the evidence circumstantial and “not strong.” “This defendant stands before the court without any record,” according to the defense attorney, who als said he has not been accused of any violent crime previously.

Defense attorney says Hernandez is not a flight risk and would GPS monitoring and appropriate cash bail so he can be returned to the community.

The judge has ruled Aaron Hernandez will be held without bail.

The defense attorney wants a gag order in the case. “What we would ask is a simple order from this court to note that anyone involved in this case … both from defense and prosecution side from releasing any comment or commenting on this case so as to not prejudice this defendant’s rights.”

Prosecutor: “We want to try this case in the court room, not in the media.”

Attorneys and district attorney have both asked for the arrest affidavit to be sealed, and that request has been granted by the judge.

Next date in court for Aaron Hernandez will be July 24.

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