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DJ Yoshi Inks Streaming Deal With TheFuture.FM

The Future Of Music Streaming

The newly created site has gone after some of the world’s best DJ’s and festivals inking deals to provide exclusive content to internet music listeners.
From urban and reggae fans, to house music heads, the will serve as the web’s one stop site that will cater to musical tastes of all types.
DJ Yoshi recently inked a deal that made the Future.Fm the exclusive online content provider for his mix content including
Marquee Recorded Performances
LIVE Streaming Nights From the Clubs/Concerts
Live and Recorded Sets from Sports Events including Rutgers Football & Basketball Games
as well as the rights to stream the critically acclaimed mix series: “The DJ Yoshi Experience” before it’s made available to the general public via CD or MP3 download!

So what makes TheFuture.FM better than other internet streaming sites?
For one, artists are paid their royalties. Cutting-Edge technology tags the music and playlists it… even making music available to purchase if users wanted to!
Most internet Radio sites are done strictly for promotion.
TheFuture.FM PAYS their DJ’s. YES. PAID.
They work like any other Radio station out there. If you can attract P1 or P2 fans/viewership, then you can be a part of the station!

New Mixes are being uploaded DAILY so check it out OFTEN and spread the word!”

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