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Help Beagles Find Their Forever Home

Beagles & Bricks

bfp_logo_headerDid you know that nearly 70,000 dogs are TESTED on YEARLY basis in the United States alone (information provided by PETA)?
Due to their docile, loving and forgiving nature, Beagles are the preferred breed to utilize for research.
Beagles are used in a wide range of research procedures: fundamental biological research, applied human medicine, applied veterinary medicine, and many others…

Dogs are a favored species in toxicology studies. In these studies, large doses of a test substance (a pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, pesticide, or household product) are pumped into animals’ bodies, slowly poisoning them.

Dogs are also abused in human disease studies, including studies of heart and hormonal disorders. In one University Study, researchers forced surgically manipulated dogs to run on a treadmill until they collapsed from a heart attack. The dogs were killed, and the damage to their heart tissue was studied. In another violent experiment at a separate University, puppies were bred to have a degenerative eye disease that culminates in blindness. During the study, 3-week-old beagles had their eyes cut out and were killed, according to PETA.

What Is Beagle Freedom Project?

Beagle Freedom Project - Brick ProjectOver the course of 2 years and 9 months, Beagle Freedom Project has
successfully conducted 22 rescue operations from 17 different laboratories in 6
states. 135 beagles, 15 mixed breed dogs, 8 rabbits, 2 cats and 3 pigs have all
been saved, treated, rehabilitated, and rehomed through Beagle Freedom

How Can I Help?

BFP - Brick 3As of September 2013, Beagle Freedom Project is projecting a land and building
cost of $800k. The organization has raised 35% of the funds needed. In the next
month work will begin with an architectural firm that is volunteering its services.
Possible locations are being scouted now. If further funding becomes available in
a timely manner, a possible spring ground breaking is planned.

Consider Donating to the Beagle Freedom Project Brick By Brick Campaign today!
Donations start at $100 (the cost of an actual brick).
For the $100 donation you will receive a 2-sided personalized Glossy Certificate
From BFP

For a charitable $1000 donation, you will receive a framed certificate of appreciation
with your name on a cornerstone (as well as a real one at the center)

Ready to get started? visit
Click Donate on the top right corner.

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