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(video) John Oliver Reveals the SAD Truth About Payday Loans

F*** You, Pay Me

headerMost people have seen former talk show host Montel Williams speak about getting cash in advance of your pay check.
On his Weekly Show Last Week Tonight, Comedian John Oliver reveals the sad truth about payday loans. Some loans can receive APR’s of 700% of the original loan!

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The sad truth is that most Americans that opt for payday loans do not pay them back within the given time frame.
Then, the collection phone calls and borderline harassment begins.
Most Payday loan collection agencies utilize bullying as a form to receive payment.
They threaten the borrowers with statements like: “you’re going to jail” or “you’ll lose your license” and they’ll even contact everyone that you’re linked to in a google search!

When the chairman of the finance commission for Texas is ALSO a VP of one of the biggest payday loan companies, you know there’s a problem!

This is a must watch!

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