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US Citizens Can Now Travel to Cuba

Habanas in Havana

cubaAll Americans can now travel legally to Cuba — with some limitations.

The longstanding ban on Cuba travel has been amended to allow all Americans to take part in tours to Cuba that encourage “people to people” contact. Previously, only religious, educational, and cultural groups could legally travel to Cuba, and then only with specific permission from the U.S. State Department.

The bad news is that Americans still can’t simply book a flight and a hotel and head to Cuba. You’ll need to travel with a Cuba travel organization that has an official license from the U.S. State Department, like Insight Cuba and Central Holidays.

And, while your tour may include stops at museums, historic sites, or even the Bay of Pigs or a local Communist Party block meeting, purely recreational activities — like visiting the beach or scuba diving — are prohibited from tour itineraries, which are limited to experiences that brings American and Cuban people together.

Schedules are typically packed with activities in order to comply with the State Department’s mandate and federal law.

nsight Cuba is offering several options for Cuba travel, including a three-night weekend in Havana and seven-night trips that see more of the country. Tour prices include all lodging, activities, in-country transportation and meals, but not the cost of the necessary charter flight from Miami to Havana.

Other tour operators, including Abercrombie & Kent, have also applied for State Department approval to begin tours of Cuba for Americans.

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