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(video) Daft Punk Blesses the French DJ Film: Eden

Eden 2015

Eden_(2014_film)_POSTERa 2014 French drama film directed by Mia Hansen-Løve and co-written with Sven Hansen-Løve. The film stars Félix de Givry, Hugo Conzelmann, Roman Kolinka and Pauline Etienne.
The film is loosely based on Mia Hansen-Løve’s brother Sven’s life. In addition to being the inspiration behind the film he also co-wrote the script.

The film took three years to be produced in part because obtaining the rights to the music was so expensive. Hansen-Løve went through two different producers over the course of the pre-production process and was only able to obtain the necessary rights to license the music after Daft Punk agreed to license their music for the lowest possible fee causing other musicians to join them.

Check out the trailer below.

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