Official DJ Rutgers Football & Basketball, Armadale Vodka + Full Armor Clothing

The Future of BlackBerry & Smart Phones?

Everyone that knows me will tell you that I’m a BlackBerry enthusiast to the fullest. I don’t use a ton of apps. I use my phone primarily to talk, text, BBM & email. I do keep an ipad with me for on the go browsing if it’s something that I really need to pull up, […]

Please Pardon the Appearance

In a late night scramble attempting to satisfy certain entities, we’ve encountered a few minor glitches. The most noticeable ones are the Photo Albums and Image Galleries. We are fully aware of the issues regarding viewing and linking with pictures in the photo, press & sponsor pages! The team is hard at work to rectify […]

Welcome to DJ Yoshi dot Com

Welcome everyone to the new! First, thank you for stopping by. Each day we’ll be updating you on the latest trends in fashion, music, technology, entertainment, restaurants, politics & more! But before we start giving you migraines from sensory overload, take a look around the site and tell us your thoughts! Under news, every […]