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DJ Yoshi Re-Masters The Reggae Mix 4-Play 1998

DJ Yoshi Presents: 4-Play 1998

Originally mixed on an analog 4-Track in 1998, 4-Play was the mix released by the group
AST Productions. AST consisted of DJ’s Yoshi, Phillee Blunt, Pooh, Gizmo, Frankie P
and the late DJ Erase.
4-Play was the joint work of four of AST’s DJ’s: DJ’s Yoshi, Erase, Phillee Blunt & Pooh.
With over 7,000 copies distributed, the mix helped to launch DJ Yoshi as a mainstay in
NYC Nightlife!
Stream it or download it on your computer, smart phone or tablet today!

DJ Yoshi – 4-Play 1998 Re-Master

– Reggae. R&B. Blends – Click to Download This Mix

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