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All Profits Donated To the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

My Alma Mater, my Longest Sports Contract… my HOME… Rutgers Athletics Drafted up a JERSEY STRONG T-Shirt to show your love & support for our great state. ALL proceeds will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.
Purchase the shirts at the Rutgers Bookstore or online via the link below.
The T-Shirt is only $15. Please show love!
Click Here To Purchase Online


  1. Amazing post…!!! really I appreciate it.

  2. Simon tung says:

    Do you know where could I get a stRong T-shirt to support Sandy victim, my nephew went to Rutgers and I worked and lived in N.J. for 1-1/2 years in 80′.

  3. Can we get these at the store? I’m a Rutgers Alum and work at J&J in New Brunswick.

  4. JUDY CRAWFORD says:

    Trying to purchase a jersey strong t shirt but link is not working and do not see any in rutgers store> Anybody can help?

  5. Sue Archinaco says:

    I need to order 6 of these beautiful shirts. Can someonepls contact me so I can order them. I tried doing it
    on line but it wouldn’t go thru. Thank you,

    Sue Archinaco

  6. Dale Diacont says:

    Lived in Eastern North Carolina most of my life and endured two horrific hurricanes. I’d like to purchase a Rutgers “stRong” tee shirt in order to participate in the fund raiser for those adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy. Do you have any idea when more will be available? Thank you very much.

  7. James Reilly says:

    Link to buy a Rutgers STRONG shirt .. .keep getting a 404 error … how can I order some
    Class of 78

  8. Nancy Jacoby says:

    How can we order Jersey stRong t-shirts…. Our alumni club here in Sarasota, FL want to order and support the project!

  9. Tim Lynott says:

    I want two shirts when they’re ready. Can I possibly be contacted when they’re ready ?

  10. Dario Rizzitello says:

    please contact would like tee shirts and the shirt with the nj state sillouete on the sleeve
    worn by rutgers coach (football)
    saw on tv

  11. Kathy Shinn says:

    Would love to give this T for Xmas gifts! How and when are they going on sale?? Need at least 3 or 4.

  12. Janice Janendo says:

    I would like to purchase two of the Jersey STrong T-shirt (XL). Let me know how I can do this. Thanks.

    Janice Janendo

  13. Just purchased 3 T’s as of 11:50AM today, Thanksgiving. Good Luck.

  14. I would like a L and XL plus a long sleeve like the coach wore with the patch on the sleeve. All this before Christmas.

  15. Is there any way to either order a Jersey Strong T-Shirt or the long sleeve T-Shirt? The site is not working?

  16. Carol Holloway says:

    Can i order Adult XXL and Adult Medium and Adult Small

  17. I would also like to buy a couple of these shirts as Christmas presents. Please update with how we can get them.

  18. Hi, Do you know if there will be more “Strong” tee-shirts available to order?

  19. I would like to buy the stRong shirt – please let me know how to do so. Thank you!

  20. Great to see the tremendous support coming in from around the country, with people everywhere wanting to get their hands on these amazing shirts. Add Santa Monica, CA to the list. I grew up over the bridge from Sea Bright, and I would love to buy 4 shirts. Please let me know when they become available.

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