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(video) John Oliver Explains the Student Debt Crisis & For Profit College Issue

For Profit Schools Stealing Your Money

Last year we touched on the fact Some For Profit Colleges are built on the fact that they’re literally robbing you.
It’s 100% illegal to take in a government student loan and be paid out for it. The fact that certain for profit schools
of which we will not name for legal ramifications are still doing it is bothersome.
How you might ask?
Let’s say you speak with an “academic admissions” specialist with one of the for profit schools. Chances are, he or she is fresh out of college themselves. The For Profit College preys on their innocence and teaches them that what they’re doing is ethical and moral.
But here’s the skinny on it.
After being “accepted” to your program, your loan company cuts a check to the school.
That school in turn will pay out the admissions person IN the form of a CASH BONUS for recruiting you.

What’s even worse is most people who truly are trying to better themselves are getting what’s considered a second rate education at nearly 5 times the cost of a community college or double that of an accredited university. Check out John Oliver’s take on student debt and For Profit Colleges

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